When Worlds Cannot Collide

I find this phase of writing awkward.  I still have a manuscript to whittle down, but I’ve also been finishing the partial for my agent to send to my editor.  I don’t know how writers who have more than one work in progress at all times do it.  I must withdraw completely from whichever world I was immersed in, wipe away all traces of it, change clothes in a metaphorical sense, then dive into the new world.

I have 87 pages of proposal, and while I can blithely say at 30 or 40 pages that I will not finish this book if it doesn’t sell, that is much harder to do at this point.  Now, I am invested in my protagonist.  I am nearly a quarter of the way through her journey with her, and she can only complete it if I let her.  In many ways, her journey is mine, as well.  How hard to turn back before the summit.  How strange to return to a previous work while awaiting a go-ahead on this one.

The other book is finished, in my mind.  Tweaking is easy, but unraveling large pieces of it?  It’s very hard to motivate myself.  Ah, well, away from Victorians immersed in the Kama Sutra and back to post-apocalyptic allegory.  Do you see how strange this writing gig is?

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