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Right now, understandably, there are a whole lot of shooting survivors asking, “What now? What does the rest of my life look like?” Because right now it looks insurmountable. This is my frustrated attempt to communicate to them via Facebook. When I posted this list on a wall meant for violence survivors, Facebook stuck a big thumbnail for the first post over the list, obliterating the rest of it. People only saw that first post. I wanted to convey what this journey has looked like for me for the last 18 years, not just at first.

Whether you’re a survivor, or the friend or family of a survivor, or just curious, feel free to follow this list around the various blog entries I’ve written. There’s a lot here, so feel free to take your time, especially if you’re still dealing with a high degree of trauma and still have the attention span of a gnat. I remember those days all too well.

My own experience of PTSD (published on the Sandy Hook Columbine Cooperative after the Aurora shooting, but it’s my story):…/story-high-school-teacher-2/

Written six years after for Red Lake after their shooting:

Written eight years after for Virginia Tech:

Written 14 years after for Sandy Hook on their first anniversary:

Written 15 years after for Sandy Hook on their second anniversary:

Written 17 years after, for whomever:

Okay, the good, the bad, the ugly, the honest; written last Monday, venting:

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