If Not Us, Who?

I have discovered in the midst of our school board crisis that, when political predators invade your community, you cannot be neutral, as much as you might wish you could.  Turning away from something like the three members of our board bent on dismantling public schools is like turning away from a crime because the thief’s not directly mugging you.  Maybe he’s not even mugging your kid, right now, but if you have a child, and you do nothing to stop the wrongdoer, what will happen tomorrow evening?

Maybe you and your kids can avoid walking home at night.  You drive or stay in after the sun goes down, but what is becoming of your neighborhood, your home, your children’s home?

So you join the neighborhood watch and put a sign in your window.  Don’t get me wrong, recall signs and signs with our five pro-public schools candidates are a start, but a neighborhood watch sign doesn’t mean much once the thieves figure out that everyone’s watching, but no one is going to step outside his or her comfort zone to actually stop them.

You can talk to your friends and neighbors.  That’s a start.  But again, if all it amounts to is a handful of people tut-tutting about the state of affairs, how does that make anyone safer?  It is true that every drop of water fills an ocean, but we don’t have enough time to fill this ocean one drop at a time.

Sooner or later, you must take to the streets or surrender your neighborhood.  At some point, everyone has to stop looking around, hoping someone else will do all the work that must be done.  A handful is not enough; like it or not, part of the weight is each of ours, and if too many refuse to lift their load, we will all be crushed, our kids with us.

If you have been telling yourself that there is nothing you can do, or that you’ve put out your sign or talked to your friends, and that’s all you have to give, please consider where that leaves you and everyone you know.  Refusing to act is an act in itself.

I have knocked on doors.  There are so many people out there who still don’t really understand what’s happening.  They know there’s some controversy (something they wouldn’t have known if there hadn’t been people knocking on doors for over a year now), but they don’t really understand what it is.  I talked to some of them just last Saturday.  If a friend were going to tell them, they would have done it by now.  If signs alone were enough, they wouldn’t be so grateful for the information my walking partner and I gave them (and they are grateful, we heard so many thank yous).

It’s going to take an army.  It’s going to take you.  Don’t worry.  You get a partner, and if you’d like, we can probably find you an experienced partner.  You get a script and literature.  The time flies.  You put steps on your Fitbit…

And you secure the future for your children and their children.

Click here and sign up.  If you walk, we will win.

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