Taking Back Our Schools!

Several months ago, Scott Kwasny and I sat down at JCEA to talk about what more we could do to get the Jeffco community feeling empowered—to beat back the repeated refrain that corporate education profiteers have all the money, and therefore, all the power.  See, he and I both firmly believe that power rests in the hands of the people. The question was how do we get that message out?  How do we get folks to see that no one is in this fight alone?  We know that far, far more people are pro-public schools than pro-privatization, but somehow, many of those people were convinced they were in the minority.  Those of us who have knocked on doors and talked to our neighbors know better.

It started with the idea that we could do regional rallies, hoping we could get enough folks gathered at each one to share each other’s strength and bolster spirits.  Then we assembled a committed team, and soon it became clear that thinking small wasn’t the way to go.  If we wanted to help people (including the board majority) believe, truly believe in the power of the people of Jefferson County to determine the fate of our schools and the future of our children, we needed to get everyone together in one place, at one time.

In the weeks since, a group of dedicated planners have been hard at work. Community partners Support Jeffco Kids, Citizens for Responsible Education, Jeffco Students for Change, and Jeffco United have joined in.  We called around, looking for a place that could host an event for 1,000 or more.  We reserved the amphitheater at Clement Park, have ordered porta-potties, signed on food trucks, engaged musicians and speakers, and will be training crowd marshals.

It’s exciting!  I know how exhilarating Boots on the Boulevard was when we lined up along Wadsworth Boulevard for miles, thousands strong, and now we get to be together, all in one place.  Together, we will roar so loudly they will hear us all the way to Denver West!

So what if it’s supposed to be 60 degrees and raining? There’s something about the indomitable quality of spirits that literally cannot be dampened.  We will gather rain or shine.  We will hold each other up and build the framework we need to protect our children’s futures.

We will TAKE BACK OUR SCHOOLS!!!  See you at Clement from 4:00-6:00!

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Paula is an author of historical fiction as well as a wife, mom, and teacher.
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  1. Frank DeAngelis says:

    Paula keep “Fighting the Good Fight”
    You are awesome.


  2. Mary Parker says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Paula…. I’ll be there!

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