Book Clubs and Hester

I’ve mentioned before how much I love meeting with book clubs.  I meet great people, and I always enjoy hearing their reactions to Hester.  Recently I decided to try something new.  On my website, I offer to meet in person with Denver-area clubs and virtually with other groups.  The virtual part can be done by speakerphone or Skype.

As a result, a woman from Iowa contacted me, and I just “met” with her book club via speakerphone.  It turned out to be just as fun as a face-to-face meeting.  The women were all so enthusiastic and chimed in with questions.  Like me, they are teachers, so we talked about the travails of getting kids to read, in addition to talking about the book.  Now I can’t wait to try this out with Skype!

Along the same vein, I am meeting with another club next month as a result of my website offer.  This one is a Denver area group, so I’ll meet them in person, but I don’t know any of them.  Up until now, all the groups I’ve met with have been because friends of mine are in them.

I have definitely decided that book club meetings are as much fun (maybe more) as signings.

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