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A few years ago I wrote a romance novel that both my agent and I loved, but I do like to take on some fairly serious themes in my romance novels, and while Kensington had been willing to let me do that with the first three novels, the market had changed enough that this fourth novel was a much harder sell.  It wasn’t that anyone felt it wasn’t good; it just didn’t fit the market.

This ended up becoming a problem for me as both a reader and writer of romance.  I like a little substance; nothing too heavy—it is, after all, a romance—but some.  That’s why I ended up changing genres with Hester.  There was more freedom in historical fiction (though even that is tightening up, too).

Anyway, this is one of the cool things about the opening up of the publishing field.  While I’m still a firm believer in traditional publishing houses, self-publishing offers authors and readers a chance to explore beyond the safe confines of “the market.”  At last, with the help of my fabulous agent, I get to release the book we both loved: That Kind of Woman.  It’s already getting some lovely reviews at NetGally calling it “a smashing historical romance…very entertaining and sensual” and “a wonderful escape for the afternoon!”

It is the story of Miranda Henley Carrington, the Duke of Montheath’s bastard daughter with his mistress of 30 years.  The book opens with Miranda’s scandalous marriage to the Earl of Danford—all pretty standard romance novel fare, I admit.  On this foundation, I have built in many of the problems a family today might have, things we believe are “modern” problems, but that are really just human problems: issues with soldiers returning from war, parent/teen conflict, and all the ways the love in one’s heart may conflict with the expectations of those around us.

The book comes out in ebook and paperback through just about every online retailer out there, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble, on January 31.  On my Facebook page, I’m offering a bonus read to anyone who contacts me through Facebook by February 28, 2013:  I have written a 30-page prequel, the story of how Miranda’s bold and shockingly straightforward mother ended up with the illustrious Duke of Montheath.  Contact me through my Facebook page and I will email you a PDF of “Oh, Mistress Mine” for free.  Also, please pass this link along to anyone you know who loves historical romance novels.

Happy reading!

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