What I’m Doing On My Summer Vacation

I said I’d never self-publish.  Famous last words.

The rights on my first three books, a romance novel trilogy, have reverted from the original publisher, Kensington, back to me.  My agent, Kristin Nelson, has recently added something called a “digital liaison platform” to the services her agency provides, which means I have lots of help and hand-holding to get me through the process of getting the books back into circulation, this time digitally.

There will be a lot of steps along the way.  One of the first was to sit down and compare, paragraph by paragraph, the published books with my Word files.  You see, back when Into His Arms, For Her Love, and Nobody’s Saint were published, no one had heard of e-books (or at least, very few people had).  It wasn’t on my radar.  So when I did the copy edits, all on paper, I didn’t change my electronic file.  (Confession 1: I didn’t even do it for Hester, and that went straight to e-book when the hardcopy came out.  D’oh!)

Straight up, this is the very definition of tedious.

The fun part?  When the first two books came out, they had lovely, tame seascape covers:

I liked them because they were classy, and women wouldn’t feel they had to hide their book covers.  Turns out that’s not such a big deal, and women like hot book covers.  (Confession 2: I like clinch covers.)  Nobody’s Saint definitely had a hotter cover, but for crying out loud, striped sheets?  The guy’s a 17th century sea captain!

Now, as I work with cover designer Kim Killion, I am letting my bodice-ripper flag fly!  She did Nobody’s Saint first, and there may still be a few tweaks to it, but I love this cover:

The other two books in the trilogy will be similar in style.

The other cool thing is that I have a fourth romance novel that both my agent and I loved but that never found a home.  After we get this trilogy out there, the fourth novel will be made available, as well.  Look for updates on my blog and website and for Into His Arms to appear on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, and several other major outlets sometime in September.

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