Birthday Bash

We had a big shindig to celebrate DH’s 50th birthday yesterday.  The forecast was for 60 degrees and rain, so I changed the backyard BBQ plan to an indoor taco bar followed by margarita cupcakes.  Of course, what we got was high 70s and sunshine.  So much for weather forecasts!  As DH pointed out, though, the taco bar meant less work for him since he wasn’t stuck at the grill.  We now have tons of food leftover, if anyone wants to come over for tacos and enchiladas any time in the next three weeks.  We also have copious amounts of beer to go with them!

We had a lot of my family there, but it seemed odd not have any of his (beyond me and the kids).  It seemed like we should have had his mom and aunt.  I kept feeling like I’d somehow just forgotten to invite them.  Getting through that first year of holidays and birthdays does a lot to help us let go of those we love, but milestone events can be a little tricky, too.

We also had lots of friends our age, and while one couple has younger children, the rest of us found ourselves talking about empty nests.  One couple’s youngest just graduated from high school, another has a daughter the same age as ours, so they have two more years to go.  I had no idea when we had our first child over 20 years ago that having them leave home is every bit as huge a change as having them come into your life to begin with.

It’s kind of hard to believe, too, that I started dating this man when he was a boy of 16.  It’s funny to look back at the night we met—the pool party, the midnight showing of Star Wars—and think how neither of us could have guessed at the life we’d build together.  All-in-all, it’s been a good one.  I hope he reached the big 5-0 feeling every bit as proud of what he’s done with his life as he should.

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4 Responses to Birthday Bash

  1. Fowl Ideas says:

    Aaaah. I dream of the empty nest.

    The boys’ game room will be quickly converted to a gym.
    I won’t have to figure out how to return my big screen television from game mode to just plain old watch television mode.
    No more Coca-Cola stains on the rug.
    And they’ll be buying their own gas.

    Woo! Hoo!

  2. JohnSherck says:

    Sounds like a good birthday bash! And although they are almost certainly not friendly to either Weight Watchers or my own diet, I’m pretty sure that “Margarita Cupcakes” is a recipe that I need to have!

    Having our daughter out of the nest just seems too far in the future to even contemplate, but I won’t be surprised if, when the time comes, we find ourselves asking “Where did the time go?!” It won’t happen by the time I’m 50, though she’ll almost be ready for college then.

  3. admin says:

    John, each cupcake is 6 points when you half the frosting (which I did, because it’s clearly supposed to be one of those cupcake recipes where there’s as much frosting as cake, and I always end up scraping off half the frosting on those). Here’s the link: I made them at 9:00 a.m., which was an odd time to follow the “pour the rest [of the margarita concoction] on some ice and drink it while making the cupcakes” part a little strange. I did it, though, in the interests of having them turn out well. 🙂 Also, I added a splash of tequila to the frosting.

    FI, I admit, as soon as my son decided he wasn’t coming home for the summers anymore, his room became my study. Still, I really do miss him.

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