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The Lit Coach’s Guide to the Writer’s Life.  It’s about branding and changing genres.  Good golly!  I just realized Hester comes out in paperback tomorrow!

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Paula is an author of historical fiction as well as a wife, mom, and teacher.
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  1. JohnSherck says:

    “Maybe it’s just me, but I have to admit, I find social reform dead sexy.”

    Love it!

    And congrats on Hester making it to paperback!

    • admin says:

      Thanks, John. Better still, I just heard from my agent about the Victorian mentioned in this entry. She’s sending it to my editor tomorrow. Now I cross my fingers and hope St. Martin’s picks it up as my option book! (Then I’ll finish writing it!)

  2. HatGirl says:

    Hi Paula,

    Great “Writer’s Life” blog.

    Just have to say I love a Paula Reed novel; sex, politics and religion are so very provocative and intriguing a la Reed.

    Fingers crossed for your next book.

  3. Nutsy Fagan says:

    Congratulations Paula. Quite an achievement. I’m in a book club and I’m going to suggest this. The cover is just gorgeous!!!

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