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Regret? It’s Complicated…

John Sherck’s blog inspired me, and I’ve decided to tell about a dream I had a number of years ago.  I never told anyone about it, I guess because I always felt it was a rather unflattering dream.  I felt … Continue reading

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Christmas Choices

I guess in finally being able to pick and choose from among the ornaments Marsha gave us, I was able to pick and choose among the memories, as well, and I chose my favorites. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2010

Last year, I wrote a pretty thorough list of the blessings in my life.  This is my update: For pretty much every year that I have been married, two people have graced Thanksgiving dinner at our house who will not … Continue reading

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When Worlds Cannot Collide

I find this phase of writing awkward.  I still have a manuscript to whittle down, but I’ve also been finishing the partial for my agent to send to my editor.  I don’t know how writers who have more than one … Continue reading

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Six and a Half More Years…

I truly hoped never to reach a point where I’d look at my career in teaching and think to myself, “Six and a half more years… Six and a half more years… Six and a half more years…” which is … Continue reading

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